Snowfall: Season Two’s Crack Era Retrospective 

Season 2 of John Singleton’s FX show Snowfall will likely detail more of the effects caused by the Crack Epidemic during the infamous Reagan Era. Predictions for next season include the main character Franklin, the rising ambitious drug dealer, and how some of his own family members will become addicted to crack (likely his father and one of his friends). Will he choose to sell the product to his own blood or a pregnant woman? Will his conscience bother him after witnessing what crack is doing to his neighborhood or will financial desires triumph over virtue? The thing is, some people during the Crack era like real life drug dealer Rich Porter (portrayed by Mekhi Phifer in Paid in Full) and others may have saw selling crack as a way out of poverty, but in the end there was more tragedy than long term success. Crack money came with betrayal from “friends”, countless enemies that wanted them dead, and the people who changed into walking zombies after using the drug. I suppose some may think a multitude of different cars, fresh fits, jewelry, and other material things was worth the tragic end…but it was not a good trade. The significance of Snowfall is not to make the Crack Era seem like a desirable/glamorous time, but it’s importance involves telling true stories from different perspectives. We see why Franklin is doing what he does, but we also see how it is affecting everyone around him in a variety of ways on the show. During the Crack Era, the dealer may not have been affected in the same way as the user or a child, but each one has an interesting story that is still relevant to reflect/analyze on over 30 years later. 

Game of Thrones Viewers Unite: Season 5 Anticipation

Game of Thrones is one of those amazing shows that make you place yourself in the storyline & passionately choose sides to be on. I love Game of Thrones so much, that I feel like it is only right for me to attend the next Dragon Con event as my favorite character, Daenerys Targaryen. This season is definitely going to be good and I am anticipating a few things that I hope will happen, so here is a quick list of what I can only hope. However, you never really know with this crazy but good show.

***No I haven’t read the book series yet. ****

1. John Snow. John Snow. John Snow. How could you not want him to prosper in this season? He better not die, but you never know with this show because what happened in the Red Wedding episode made my head hurt & I was literally yelling at the T.V Screen. Just confused in life. But then, I made myself toughen up & now I am prepared for anything.

2. The Lannister’s will gradually lose their power and influence. Cersei Lannister is the worst and honestly, I don’t feel sorry for her. The only Lannister that is worth feeling sympathy over is Tyrion Lannister. Jaime Lannister is starting to be ‘tolerable”, but he is still a sick asshole…the man impregnated his sister & is in love with her. WTF. That is enough for me to despise him forever. Yet, I don’t dislike him as much as his wicked/selfish sister Cersei.

3. I don’t care, Daenerys Targaryen deserves the Throne. If you analyze the show’s characters, she is a ruler with good intentions, more than just a pretty face, and she conquers without doing evil deeds. Not to mention, she has dragons & a dedicated army that is growing. She makes me proud.

4. The New Future Queen: Margaery Tyrell. She is a threat, in a good way. Cersei is cautious and a little scared of her influence because she knows this.

5. Bran Stark is something special & now that he found the third eye rave in the cave, great things will hopefully happen. Oh, & I hope Sansa finds her little sister Arya before she looses her virginity to Petyr Baelish..I really hope that does not happen Just, no. Arya is doing perfectly find by herself. She is a true warrior/survivor at heart.

This was only a short list of things. Yes, I left out a lot.