Encouraging Positive Self Esteem Among Ladies

Despite what society says is beautiful or not, it is important that people feel sincerely good about themselves. I wish that more ladies would genuinely accept their beauty, and not put others down while doing so. For an example, someone who sincerely is confident with themselves won’t feel the need to give another woman dirty looks, hate on another, or give out bad energy period. I’m speaking from a female’s perspective, but it is really unfortunate to me that insecure women give out negative energy to each other, and this all boils down to how confident they are with themselves. I’m not arrogant or conceited, but despite how attractive or unattractive I am to someone…that doesn’t affect the way I feel about myself. We should not thrive off of people’s compliments or take their criticism to the heart. That is not healthy, and we will never be satisfied. This means loving our body types, our skin, putting an emphasis on inner beauty & just feeling truly great from the inside. Don’t worry about not being someone’s preference or body type, because out of all the people in this wide world….some  will definitely be attracted to you. It’s  just science & how the way things work naturally. I want people to feel better from within, and not critiquing others so harshly just to make themselves feel better. So what if some people don’t like the way you look or whatever? Love the way you look, still be humble, & don’t ever feel bad for being in love with yourself just because of society’s beauty standards! Women should smile at each other more instead of giving dirty looks. I’d rather compliment another female than to hate on her or speak negative. Uplift each other, have authentic inner beauty, and understand that true beauty is more than skin. Our true self esteem level will always come to surface sooner or later. So, let’s not be intimidated by anyone, be beautiful from within, and encourage this among other ladies. Remember, beauty is not just skin deep and being a positive person is a true indicator of genuine confidence & good self esteem.


Feminism 101: I Won’t Slut Shame You, So Don’t Virgin Shame Me.

There is nothing wrong with a female  who is against slut shaming. I don’t believe in slut shaming,  but not every woman has the same mentality when it comes to body count and sex.  We are all individuals who have different mindsets, and just because a woman wants to keep her body count as low as possible and does  not want to have casual sex without being in a relationship does not mean she is conforming to society or whatever. It just means she is doing what she thinks is best for her. It is a form of hypocrisy for someone to get angry at slut shaming,  but will turn around and virgin -shame or ridicule another woman for not being as “free” as they want them to be. People find freedom in different things,  and being modest, Abstinent, or “lady like” might give someone the same freedom and happiness that a woman with a different mindset has. The whole concept of women empowerment is supposed to be about uplifting other women with positivity and helping those in disadvantaged situations (education, health issues) & less about freeing the nipple, bashing men in general or bashing those of us who still believe in being classy/ a lady. No matter what “type” of woman you are, we all should uplift each other and encourage equality among every one on this Earth no matter what our personal beliefs are.

Gender Bashing: This is a Problem

In our society and generation, some men and women tend to bash each other alot. I notice, alot of times it is because of their own personal experiences. Yet, it is not healthy or right to decide every person of that gender is the same. Some people date or involve themselves with the same type of people,  just with different faces. They get the same results, and instead of evaluating every aspect…they decide everyone has the same intentions or mindset. Some people never ask themselves why they keep falling for, attracting, or being attracted to these people.  Some become bitter and don’t even realize it, and in reality they are just letting whoever did them wrong have power over them. You could miss out on someone who could be a blessing or a positive match for you just by your mentality.  No, all men and women don’t cheat.  No, all men and women are not scandalous, sour, dogs, unloyal, or whatever. It is a sad thing when people start having negative views on relationships and love because of who they decided to be with. Then, they assume everyone has the same intentions. I think it is simple minded to automatically assume negative things about me because of my gender and what you think most women (and men) are like. Gender bashing in any way is wrong and unless we know the individual personally….why would you place them in a box that may not even fit who they are? I’m tired of the Gender bashing from both sides. We are all individuals and the contents/characteristics of our mind & soul reveals more about us than our gender.