Zombie Survival Tips: Um,Just In Case


Of course,  if you watch The Walking Dead then it is not that hard to imagine yourself trying to make it in this world while zombies are trying to eat you. Typically,  zombies are suppose to walk slow.  However,  the very realistic film 28 Days Later showed us all the possibilities and outcomes of zombies running as fast as Olympic track stars. There are some things that we all should know…like shoot/stab the zombie in the head or burn it. However,  there are other things to remember as well. Just in case a zombie attack happens,  or whatever.  It’s better to be prepared or maybe I just watch way too many fantasy shows.
1. It’s better to become a nomad then to try to stay in one place just to be “secure”. There is no such thing as security or a “safe haven” in a zombie infested world.
2. Unless it was a family member,  don’t be hesitant to kill a zombie because it will not think twice about eating your brains. And unless you plan on locking your zombie relative up like in Shaun of the Dead, then you will have to “kill” them even though they’re not really alive anymore. Sorry. They probably would want you to anyways….I know I would.
3. Humans will be the most important creatures to watch for. You will have greedy people who will try to be authoritative and careless. We all know how this goes from watching the Walking Dead.
4. Learn or know how to grow your own food or at least know how to start a fire and kill a bird yourself.  I don’t wanna chop a chicken’s head off either or eat a rabbit but….ya never know. Bottom line, we all have to have survival skills and not be a scary cat. Weak people will have it the hardest. Especially mentally weak folks.
5. And last but not least, don’t let a shift or change in our world make you become a negative person who gives up faith and hope. I mean, it may be hard & your loved ones may look at you as food if they are bitten…but just don’t give up. There are many other tips but these were just a few.