Lupe Fiasco’s Unforgivable Youth: A Lyrical Masterpiece

Lupe Fiasco has created many songs that are lyrical masterpieces & this is just one of many. Unfortunately, he is still underrated, underappreciated and not as celebrated as other rappers. Nevertheless, he is still one of our generation’s most lyrically gifted rappers/song writers. Rap should always be diverse with different styles/views represented. Not every rapper needs to create ”conscious rap” music. I don’t want to just listen to ”conscious rap” music.. However, we do need more conscious rap artists who are being listened to on a massive level like how it was in previous eras. Nevertheless, in todays era with modern technology and the popularity of independent artists, mainstream rap is not even the best form of rap in our generation…in my opinion. And Lupe is a good example of someone who is one of our generation’s best lyrical rappers…. even if many people fail to see this.

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas: A Scene To Ponder On

I remember first seeing this movie in the 12th grade during Spanish class. We had a substitute teacher and she decided to put on this movie. The lady could have given us class assignments or really anything else that was class related, but instead we watched this movie. Honestly, at first I thought it was the perfect time to lay my head on the desk and go to sleep, but this movie kept me awoke. For one, the concept behind this riveting final scene is very intense, and I imagined all of the things that the Nazi officer was thinking when he realized what happened to his innocent son. A child who had no true understanding of what was really going on, a child who was the son of a man apart of a sick agenda, and the final scene can be analyzed in so many different ways. For one, both of those innocent boys had families who cared deeply for them, and they ( meaning the little boys) represented two people who did not see each other in the same light/view that many adults did. The human mind can be molded in such a sick way and our thought process can change in a negative way, then that’s when ugly/evil people are born. No, people are not born this way…to want to exterminate a whole group of people, to judge people based on their ethnicity, to hate people because of their sexuality, or to want to do atrocious things to people in general. We are ultimately in charge of what we decide to turn ourselves into, and the consequences can not only hurt us but those that we love as well.  The father has to live with the fact that he did not only help send countless people to the gas chambers, but his son was also a victim of the evil plan he was apart of as well. All in all, I think this was a good movie and very thought provoking. To me, this movie and it’s message is not just about the Holocaust…but we can use this film as an example for so many different things that us as one humanity needs to ponder on…and change.

Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing: More Than Just A Classic Karaoke/Road Trip Anthem

Steve Perry has one of the most strongest & pure voices in music and although this song is a good one for singing along to in the car on road trips ( especially on long dessert roads with the windows down. hair blowing & stuff like in the movies) and doing karaoke, but this song is also great life inspiration as well. No matter what we’ve been through, how far we think we’ve fallen, or been stuck….’don’t stop believing & hold on to that feeling’. We can find peace/happiness on Earth, it starts from within & everyone deserves to experience peace of mind, inner joy, & new chances to leave all the negative experiences behind. The key is to never top believing we can reach that destination. The destination of long lasting elation.

The Other Side of Tupac: Smile ft. Scarface

Some people love to elevate and applaud the Hit Em Up side of Tupac, even though All Eyez on Me was not even his best album, in my opinion. Tupac once said in an interview that he was at war with his own heart. I feel like we all are at war with our own minds/heart, but it is up to us to let the best, good, & positive overpower the negative. Tupac Amaru Shakur was an intelligent man who did some ignorant things. He was a one of a kind, and no, there will never be another Tupac. Kendrick Lamar is, well, Kendrick Lamar and there is only one him as well. We don’t need another Tupac and he was limited edition ( as we all are supposed to be). I like listening to the Tupac that used his inspirational voice to create a thought provoking message, &  this song is a great example. Featuring another one-of-a-kind rapper, Scarface, this song has an overall good message. In a lot of Tupac’s songs he describes his pain, experiences, and the outcome of negative deeds. For an example, while other rappers like Biggie ( no shade) often glorified selling crack/cocaine, Tupac also rapped about the negative outcome a lot as well. Even though I don’t always agree with Tupac’s point of view on issues, he rapped about more conscious subject material and more intellectually stronger lyrics than Biggie. Biggie Smalls had a great flow & was very talented, but was not as lyrical as Tupac in my opinion.  For an example, the lyrics to ”Hell 4 A Hustler” featuring The Outlawz and ”Changes” are clear examples of Tupac’s conscious bothering him after doing negative things for money. In the song ”Smile” as well, there are lyrics that back up this claim. I mean, Biggie made a few songs that I like  ”Sky’s The Limit” and a few others, but if we’re including who was more lyrical to the whole ”greatest rapper ever” debate…then Tupac is one of the top candidates. A lot of people really want to see the NWA biopic, which seems interesting, but I am patiently waiting for a good quality Tupac biopic. And I can’t emphasize GOOD & QUALITY enough. Please don’t let it be awful or mediocre lol *sighs*

Abstinence: It Is Totally Worth It

In my generation,  it seems as if everyone is or has been sexually active.  However, there are still young adults who either have not been sexually active yet or decided to practice celibacy. Of course,  there is nothing wrong with sex… it is natural and something humans should do. Yet, some people think that those who are not sexually active are not “grown-up” about the situation or extremely religious.  There are several different reasons why people are Abstinent.  For one, there is nothing wrong with a person believing or actually being in love with the thought of belonging to only one person ever. When I say belong,  I mean to only want to give their body to one person they grow to have an unconditional special bond with. This logic is not crazy and if you take your time & be patient,  there is so much to gain instead of lose. In my generation,  people have all types of issues with relations….trust issues, fear that everyone is unfaithful, relationships built around sex,  and etc. I hear so much negative stuff concerning relationships and bashing genders all because people have dealt with someone who did them wrong or left an negative impression on them.  Yet, alot of them are only in their early twenties.  This is very sad in my opinion .Being Abstinent, of course you don’t have to worry about STDs, etc. You also more than likely don’t have a “tainted” view on relationships and love.  You don’t see things the way your peers do . Sex can change alot of things and dealing with people you may later on learn to completely dislike can affect your view on relations.  And let me tell you this: Yes, we are all sexual beings with sex hormones. However many people who are Abstinent share values/morals that may not be popular now or “in style”….and it influences their whole mentality on sex.  Why? Well, as a female, I don’t bash young women my age who have a more untraditional view on sex/body count.  However , don’t ridicule me or anyone else (man or woman) for having a more old fashion view on relations. If someone wants to take their time to get to know people,  date without having sex, then let them live. Don’t bash them or think they are crazy just because they stand by their values and beliefs.  Being Abstinence has some challenges,  but in the end it is worth it if you really want it to be. Not to mention,  you can actually learn alot from Abstinent people. Either way,  there is nothing wrong with those who are not trying to save themselves for one person,   but those who practice Abstinence believes that it is worth the wait.  And, what’s so delusional or wrong about that?

The Art Of Standing By Your Morals/Values

We all heard the saying, ”If you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for anything”. Well, despite how cliché the saying is…it is very true. Sometimes, certain trends may be common & happening all around us. Yet, if you are a person who strongly stands by your morals/values…then please don’t ever drop them just because it may not be ”cool” or ”popular”. For an example, I come from a family where certain morals were instilled in me that are becoming less of a norm from what I have observed in my generation. Yet, I understand that not everyone share’s my same morals or beliefs…which is fine because not everyone is going to be alike.  There is nothing wrong with a progressive society, that’s the way it should be. However, that doesn’t mean you or me have to be like everyone else or feel pressured to adopt certain mentalities that we may not be feeling.  I can’t act or be something that I’m not forever…neither can you because it will just hurt us in the end. That is just too much work & a false image.  If you believe or stand for something that is ”not in style” whether it is a certain kind of look you like, abstinence, or whatever….be confident enough to stand by it to the fullest. Of course, we may feel challenged and frustrated at times…but think about this. You are a strong minded person to keep your morals/values intact. Temptation is a lot of people’s kryptonite. Even if they do not want to cave into it, sometimes it just happens. Well, by standing by your morals/values, you are less likely to be negatively affected by certain temptations. I am glad that I have stood by my morals/values because despite how unpopular some of them may be, it has kept me from being used in a negative way, and I am not easily influenced by what is common or something that is the opposite of Tanzy. Bottom line, despite how it may seem to others…stand strongly by your beliefs/morals/values & don’t bash others for not being like you…just encourage positivity & surround yourself with people who understand & appreciate your worth, your art, & genuinely care about you.