The Class I Love: Moral Philosophy/Ethical Issues Course

One of my distance learning program classes I love involves studying and analyzing different moral and ethical theories.  Some may think that what is morally right and wrong are not that hard to differentiate from, but there are many aspects and perspectives that correlate with this topic. For an example, there are consequentialist ethics that involves the pros/cons of Act Utilitarianism, Aristotle’s virtue ethics, Kant’s Good Will Theory relating to deontological ethics,  and moral relativism. They all require one’s mind to think critically about the advantages/disadvantages of each. Bottom line, there are so many different ways and aspects to analyze when it comes to moral philosophy and ethical issues.  What I love about this class, is that you have no choice but to actually think deeply and not just see things from one view. Conversing about moral philosophies and theories are great thought provoking topics to have.

The Art Of Standing By Your Morals/Values

We all heard the saying, ”If you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for anything”. Well, despite how cliché the saying is…it is very true. Sometimes, certain trends may be common & happening all around us. Yet, if you are a person who strongly stands by your morals/values…then please don’t ever drop them just because it may not be ”cool” or ”popular”. For an example, I come from a family where certain morals were instilled in me that are becoming less of a norm from what I have observed in my generation. Yet, I understand that not everyone share’s my same morals or beliefs…which is fine because not everyone is going to be alike.  There is nothing wrong with a progressive society, that’s the way it should be. However, that doesn’t mean you or me have to be like everyone else or feel pressured to adopt certain mentalities that we may not be feeling.  I can’t act or be something that I’m not forever…neither can you because it will just hurt us in the end. That is just too much work & a false image.  If you believe or stand for something that is ”not in style” whether it is a certain kind of look you like, abstinence, or whatever….be confident enough to stand by it to the fullest. Of course, we may feel challenged and frustrated at times…but think about this. You are a strong minded person to keep your morals/values intact. Temptation is a lot of people’s kryptonite. Even if they do not want to cave into it, sometimes it just happens. Well, by standing by your morals/values, you are less likely to be negatively affected by certain temptations. I am glad that I have stood by my morals/values because despite how unpopular some of them may be, it has kept me from being used in a negative way, and I am not easily influenced by what is common or something that is the opposite of Tanzy. Bottom line, despite how it may seem to others…stand strongly by your beliefs/morals/values & don’t bash others for not being like you…just encourage positivity & surround yourself with people who understand & appreciate your worth, your art, & genuinely care about you.