Faith: The Power of A Question

I believe that in life,  it’s good to question your beliefs and why you believe in them for stronger faith. To want to learn and see more….and not just the surface.  I mean, trying to find the answers to questions that some may not ever seek to find out.  For an example,  some people go there whole life believing something just because they were taught to, but never questioning why. Some people believe there is a God, but that’s it. Some people believe in having faith in a higher power, but that’s it. Yet, we have to ask ourselves….just how far does our faith go? God is not just someone I call upon or pray to when I am going through tough obstacles or when something happens in my favor.  I don’t use my faith sometimes,  because I need spiritual guidance ALL the time. So I am attached to my faith and depend on it while also using my free will to make my own decisions.   Because as a human who is far from perfect, I am constantly at war with my own heart and mind….and I am determined to remain good hearted and seek as much knowledge,  wisdom,  and enlightenment as possible. I don’t want to leave this world, which I am temporarily in, and the only thing that  I have gained is the physical. What can I gain here that I can take with me after this? Who says we can’t get answers now? What if the tools and resources that we need to gain eternal truths are already here on Earth with us? I believe they are and it is up to us to decide. If we ask questions, set ourselves on a quest/journey for truths, then just imagine what we will find. I am talking about things far more valuable than the typical material pleasures.  Of course, some things we will never know until it is time for us to transition into another chapter. However to me, my faith is my spinning wheel and not just my spare tire.