Handlebars by Flobots: How Do You Analyze This Song?

‘’Handlebars’’ by the Flobots is possibly one of the greatest songs to analyze due to the fact that it is a reflection of how powerful our human race is. For one, in the song they show two close friends choosing different routes to embark on in life. The video, which is superbly made, shows us what each friend decides to do in their life. If you analyze the lyrics, I believe that it is saying that we can use our free will and mind to uplift society, or add more negativity to it. Here are examples from separate parts of the song that help better describe the overall portrait.

I can make new antibiotics

I can make computers survive aquatic conditions

I know how to run a business

And I can make you wanna buy a product

Cause I can lead a nation with a microphone

With a microphone, with a microphone

And I can split the atom of a molecule

Of a molecule, of a molecule

Look at me, look at me

Driving and I won’t stop

And it feels so good to be alive and on top

My reach is global, my tower secure

My cause is noble, my power is pure

Bottom line, as humans when we use our mind to its best and most elevated ability, we can do so much. Plus, with our free will we can decide to either do positive things with our talents or negatively contribute to the world…it’s our choice.